“I am commited to improving the lives of young people, guiding them to become functioning, happy and productive members of society.”

“I want families that do not conform to the “ideal” nuclear set-up, of two parents and 2.2 children, to receive support, advice and care. In order for them to cope with the unique difficulties that they face in society today.”

Beth Ryan is a qualified teacher and mentor with a talent for reaching and inspiring teens and young people. Beth also offers expertise on the changing face of families in the UK today. As the “Get Real” family expert, Beth advises parents, teens and children on all the issues of ‘real’ family life, including divorce and its effects, step-families, acrimonious relationships, troubled children & teens, as well as the practical and financial issues that these family set-ups yield.

Beth started her career in business with leading beauty firm, L’oreal. She is an authority on a range of adolescent issues including GCSEs/A’levels; university entry; NEETs as well as the emotional and practical issues facing families and teens today.

Beth maintains strong links within business, education and commerce and she is well-placed to offer one-to-one advice/tutoring on a range of subjects from study and educational needs to career advice and guidance for teens and parents.

Beth is in talks with leading broadcasters regarding featuring in a “Supernanny-style” TV series.



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