Beth’s a Guardian Q & A expert today

Beth is busy this afternoon, she’s on the Guardian’s website from like right now!! !…. until 6pm, answering readers’ questions on teacher training.

**** UPDATE **** Beth rocked it on the Guardian’s webchat today. Us lot at Beth Ryan Media are proud. Well done Mrs Ryan. xxx

Live Q & A with The Guardian

Beth will be giving advice to trainee teachers live on The Guardian website today from 4pm to 6pm. Whether it’s panic at the thought of standing in front of a full class room for the first time, or advice on lesson plans, Beth and the team of Guardian experts are ready to guide you through your first few months of teaching.

To take part in the Q&A, or to post a question before the chat click here.


Beth links up with Student 365

With freshers week just around the corner Beth has teamed up with Student 365, the UK’s No.1 student website, to advise new students on everything from sex advice to safety.